Who is White Bizon?

White Bizon is a consulting company that assists wide range of businesses in IT intensive challenges, offering unique balance between quality and price.

People in White Bizon are:


The only way to do a great job is to love what you do. Driven by passion for technology we can proudly say “We do”! You will understand what we mean, when you see us working.


Thinking outside of the box, mixing imagination and intuition, experience and invention is our method to deliver solutions that exceed your expectations.


For us, being professional is the function of our experience and satisfaction of our clients. We have both, but most importantly the last one.


We believe that we can make the difference to your business through Digital Innovation!
We have no fear in facing and solving your most complex problems. We’ve learned that a group of young innovators can make the impossible possible!

How we deliver performance?

It’s all about people!
In White Bizon we share 3 principles.

1. «WHY» is more important than «WHAT»

We design software or a website, so that you can cut your costs, increase your sales, grow awareness of your brand, enter a new market or simply do your business more efficiently. If you don’t know WHY you need it, we can’t help you to develop WHAT you need.

2. Design for people, not computers

Designing for people means that software or a website doesn’t only work but is also simple, has friendly design and most importantly is easy to use. It requires huge effort, but it’s worth it! To make it happen we have to work with people, as much as with computers.

3. It's the relationship to make the miracle

Continues improvements and adoption of our IT solutions according to your new challenges is an essential part of achieving your long term goals. In our experience, being your strategic business partner, rather than a spot developer makes all the difference to your business.

Why at the best price?

We save your money because …

1. We pay less for developers

We perform design and development in Eastern Europe,
where IT professionals cost much less.

You access incredible saving opportunity

without typical disadvantages of outsourcing: legal and communication barriers.

2. We use optimal technology

We always have the freedom to choose optimal technology for your project. Others’ solutions are often biased by technology they got specialized in.

You gain the best possible product

… at the best price, often in less time and with best evolution opportinities.

3. We have lower internal costs

We allocate most of our internal costs in Eastern Europe,
which makes us very cost efficient company for EU standards.

You save even more money

… because we reflect our cost efficiency in even more competitive prices.

We can improve performance of your company!

Best talents at your service. Just tell us what you need!