Enterprise Process Automatization

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Project Highlights

A small woodworking company needed to automatize the line of raw material quality control. All working was done manually, which was limiting the line’s capacity. Before asking White Bizon the best solution was worth more than €100.000 and required 6 months for implementation.

We found the solution which would lower both cost and implementation time and having all the advantages of more expensive systems.

Project Achievements

  Savings of €80,000 on development and equipment

Our engineering solution has permitted to lower implementation time to 1 month. Hardware part is using widespread and economic elements. Software is based on ready to us algorithms, selected and optimized for the needed task.

  Very low cost of maintenance (both use and repairing)

Instead of 2 employees full-time, the whole system requires less than one hour of one employee. All the system’s components are widely available and easily replaceable.

  Earnings in production capacity

The earnings were achieved through freed man-hour from the quality control and the increased quality control line speed. Overall potential increase in productivity was around 30%.

Project Details


Covered by NDA


Fail-Safety, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, C++, C#, mSQL

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