Export of Italian Consulting in Russia

Covered by NDA

Project Highlights

Italian consulting firm decided to export its services to Russian market.

We analysed demand, current competitors and their value proposition. Based on the analysis we designed a competitive value proposition and pricing strategy, developed promotional website and a short and long term marketing campaigns.

Project Achievements

  Adopted Value Proposition for Russian market

Thanks to deep analysis, the value proposition was tuned according to the demand. Translation to Russian was done taking in consideration SEO aspects.

  Gained good visibility in Russia

Elaborated marketing campaigns guarantee good visibility in most popular searching engines on most relevant keywords. Continuous monitoring permits fast adaptation to competitors’ strategies and advertising budget control.

  Very high project’s ROI

The project was designed to quickly achieve break-even point. Limited investment and high profit potential makes it possible to reach BEP after only 2 clients with basic ARPU.

Project Details


Covered by NDA


PHP, Apache, JavaScript, SEO, Context Ads

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